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  • Digital Contributes to Tackling Covid-19

    The digital industry and the associated innovations have matured to the stage that when a serious challenge arises digital technologies have to be considered as potentially playing a key part in the solution. There are no bigger challenges than those we face right now.

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  • Ecommerce in the Pandemic Era

    If you have a website that sells to the public, then hopefully you are doing well, but if order numbers have dropped, you need to ask yourself if you are doing enough to make your site shine out to the public during lockdown. I have compiled a list of 5 points that you should look at to bring your ecommerce site up to speed during the pandemic. 

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  • Businesses will need support to respond to the new normal

    I don’t pretend that the current circumstances have extended the opportunity for the eureka moment to all businesses but, in difficult economic times some businesses respond and markets change. The economy is experiencing the toughest of times prompting businesses to re-evaluate and some have reinvented how they approach their business which in turn could change their market sector for good when the new normal arrives.

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  • Pandemic Remote Working vs Working From Home

    I’m not going to write yet another one of those blog posts giving you a list of points of advice, we all know them... but with this lockdown potentially lasting months, and a couple of weeks in, I wanted to give you my experience of what it’s like now, versus what it was like before.

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  • Two Years on… How is your GDPR?

    GDPR – the General Data Protection Regulation has been around for quite a while now and It’s fair to say that while most companies scrambled to make sure that their website was seen to be adhering to the new rules, most have simply added an annoying “accept all cookies” popup banner and added a cookie and or privacy policy to their website and deemed that will be enough.

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  • Challenging circumstances drive creative technology applications

    While we are all in lockdown many of us will have invested in new tech to make working from home more efficient or taken part in a video quiz for the first time to keep socialising in isolation. But imagine living without fixed line internet or wifi, few if any cashpoints and limited access to banks for financial services.

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