CAMEO market segmentation mobile site live

Headland was appointed to bring to life the CAMEO brand and display the complex data behind the product using an intuitive, engaging interface.

These attributes helped to make the launch of CAMEO on desktop a success, and now the same powerful functionality is available on mobile.

The mobile site allows users to take CAMEO's significant research and planning tools with them on the move. The main features of the CAMEO website are prominent and easily accessible on any mobile device.


CAMEO is highly dynamic and will change the way marketers view consumer data and market segmentation. The website provides a unique insight into consumers from every imaginable dimension, segmenting over 50 million consumers across England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Customers can use CAMEO for marketing, retail planning and risk and pricing; CAMEO is also available for the consumer.

The CMS chosen for the build of the site is Umbraco - a fully open source content management system, easy for site editors to create and manage content.


In addition to the design & build of the desktop and mobile sites, Headland designed the CAMEO brand and marketing materials.

See the website at

For further information contact Graeme Wilson on 0113 272 1555.

23 September 2014