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Opinion: Upgrade, integrate and optimise for a 2021 digital reboot.

The economics are tough and the competition for increased sales will be just as tough in 2021. If there is one winner in 2020 it is online. Online sales in the UK as a percentage of all UK retail grew from 20.1% in January to 31.8%* in July due to lockdown and the innovation of businesses responding to the dramatic circumstances we all faced.

The question remains what percentage of those online sales driven by the pandemic remain online once coronavirus is successfully controlled. We may be well into next year before we know for certain.
What is certain is for almost all organisations a website sits at the heart of their business processes and those focused on continual improvement of their infrastructure creating efficiencies, improving customer insight, enhancing communications and streamlining business operations will be better placed for the economic recovery in 2021.
What has been impressive is the innovation and flexibility of organisations of all sizes to respond to the market conditions. An organisation’s engagement with any economic upturn will be that much more powerful when a holistic approach is taken to infrastructure upgrade across business processes:

• Ecommerce informed by intelligent site search and inventory management integration
• Integrated eCRM managing customer relationships providing secure customer areas, tools and marketing messages
• Website performance, accessibility, usage reporting and customer purchase history informing digital strategy

As we progress to a degree of normality if now is the time for you to consider upgrading your digital infrastructure we would be delighted to hear from you and be part of that conversation.


Published: 11 September 2020

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