Headland chosen by University of London (LSHTM) to deploy a re-brand within their CMS

It's all happening at The London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine as the new management team push forward with a raft of changes and innovation, including a new web site.

LSHTM, part of the University of London, worked with an independent design agency to develop a suite of exciting new templates for their new web pages. The University turned to headland to capitalise on our experience and Content Management System expertise. Contracting headland to translate these templates and seamlessly integrate them with their existing CMS.

"The school have been using the Percussion CM system for management and delivery of their web content for a number of years. It is imperative that the integration of the new templates and construction of the new content in no way compromises the CMS. In fact they are using this exercise as an opportunity to allow headland to streamline the system and improve some of the processes for the end users" says James Dawson, Account Manager.

"We will be working closely with the web site redevelopment group and the IT team at LSHTM to ensure the project has a low technical impact and we look forward to a highly successful launch"

For further information contact Isabel Allen or James Dawson, Tel 020 85739877.

25 August 2011