Headland help Sailor Jerry to implement Quantcast

As Sailor Jerry continue to develop their brand online, they asked Headland to help them implement the Quantcast measurement tools across their website.

The Sailer Jerry site is delivered using the Ektron CMS. A constant programme of developments is being rolled out to make big improvements for both visitors and those responsible for content.

Quantcast enables site owners to understand and measure their online audience. Quantcast's powerful reporting tools enable publishers, like Sailor Jerry, to scrutinise the data and more effectively plan customer journeys and lead generation opportunities.

Programme Director Isabel Allen said: "The code was very easy to incorporate into Ektron. Data started to be collected straight away and Sailor Jerry are now able to see a much clearer picture of the site's usage."

"We are really looking forward to helping them with the next series of enhancements to the site using the information being collected."


02 August 2013