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Planning and process, the secrets to great UX

The days of an agency being asked “how much do you charge for a website?” with no further detailed information being forthcoming are long gone.

Even in years gone by, such a request at best received a strained yet polite response. And even then agency-client relationships that started with such an enquiry rarely resulted in a visitor enjoying a fruitful user experience from the resulting website.

Expectations of website UX both on the part of the website owner and the visitor are incredibly high these days. Such high expectations of a great user experience can only be met with careful planning, an experienced team and a tried and tested model. You could say you get out of the design & build process what you put in, in terms of planning.

If you are a large complex business and your website is one aspect of your multichannel strategy the planning task is that much greater, with aspects of the site and your online activity influenced by teams across the business. As marketers, designers and developers we encourage participation in our workshops from across your business, giving ownership of each aspect of the website to the relevant stakeholders.

At Headland our model for developing great user experiences starts with research, and progresses to discovery workshops. Together we filter the detailed findings. Our front-end developers and project managers develop wireframes and prototypes, putting the group’s findings to the test. The result is a robust requirements document and a stimulating creative brief.

If you would like to have a chat about how we can help you deliver a great user experience for visitors to your business’s website, just give us a call or send us an email.

Graeme Wilson, Headland.

Published: 8 September 2015

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