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Talking Twitter with Juanita Woodward

Headland’s Digital Project Manager gives her perception of Twitter.

Hi Juanita. Tell us your thoughts on Twitter.

Hi! Since we’re talking about Twitter, I was going to try and stick to the 140 character limit for my answers but couldn't quite manage it! I deal with the majority of Headland’s social media accounts and I must say, I prefer to use Twitter more than any other social networking platform. I think it’s the ideal platform for engagement, and it’s quite easy to pinpoint your audience too.

Any hints and tips you’d care to share?

I always upload an image alongside every tweet I post, as it makes the tweet stand out more and makes the account look lively and busy. Our tweets help to generate more traffic to our website, as people follow links from the tweets back to the site.

Do you use auto DMs?

No, it really annoys people! I did consider using automated direct messaging at first, but then I changed my mind. I think the ‘Thanks for the follow’ and ‘Thanks for connecting’ has become tiresome, it clutters up people’s direct message inbox and it’s generally regarded as spam.  I think it’s much better to invest time and energy on engaging and interacting with your followers.

Anything not to do on Twitter?

Don’t tweet multiple tweets at the same time, tweeters might think you’re a spammer and unfollow you and DON’T USE CAPITAL LETTERS – it comes across as angry and shouty. We don’t like negativity here at Headland.

What are your thoughts on the 10,000 character limit change?

If it goes ahead, personally I will be very happy. I would say there are pros and cons. Trying to fit whatever you are trying to say into a 140 character tweet is a bit tricky, especially when your tweet includes a link and an image.

I guess it will be a bit of a nightmare for those who use Twitter as a customer support platform, all those lengthy complaints to sift through!

How does Twitter contribute to the marketing mix?

Twitter is great for extending the reach of campaigns. Activity that features a video on YouTube or content on your website may be missed by some, so direct them to it with a tweet. It’s also great for opening up a dialogue around your brand.

How should companies respond to customer service or complaint tweets?

Luckily, this hasn’t happened at Headland but if the problem arose then I would deal with the complaint as quickly and efficiently as possible. A satisfactory response to the tweet can easily transform displeased and angry customers into loyal (to the brand), happy and satisfied individuals.

Which is the most important social network for a small business to prioritise?

That depends on where your audiences are. Having said that I enjoy using visual social platforms such as Instagram and Pinterest too, I think visual content helps your audiences absorb and remember information effectively. Your audience will tell you where you need to be.

Last question, who would you like to chat to on the Headland sofa?

Jason deCaires Taylor. I think his work is incredible. Taylor is a British sculptor and creator of the world's first underwater sculpture park - the Molinere Underwater Sculpture Park - and underwater museum.

Published: 10 March 2015

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