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Unprecedented stress testing of businesses processes and technology

The current unprecedented circumstances are having a far-reaching effect on businesses, their employees and customers. They have stress tested systems and working practises, brought record levels of traffic to some websites and a dearth of traffic to others.

Light has been shone in the nooks and crannies of business continuity policies. Some have stood up to the challenge others will have needed some urgent tweaking.

The advent of 4G and use of mobiles for surfing on the sofa has contributed to the home PC in some households being a thing of the past. How many businesses followed government advice and decreed home working only to find a surprisingly high percentage of their staff don’t actually own a computer outside of work. On a personal level there are new found advocates of home working and just as many who are missing their face to face team working and contact with colleagues.

When we return to the relatively predictable times’ we took for granted will the ‘in or out’ Brexit debate be replaced with the ‘home or office’ working conundrum. One thing is certain at least in the short to medium term Covid19 is going to have a greater impact on the economy and how we behave as consumers than leaving the EU.

Tough times have a habit of drive new found efficiencies. These will be unearthed on a daily basis during lockdown. There will be the ’if only we had x or y we could achieve more’ considerations. These will be addressed and prioritised when a degree of normality resumes.

Some businesses will find their client base have adopted new habits that take them out of reach of the campaigns previously effective in building a dialogue, sales and brand loyalty. Owners of sites receiving surprisingly high levels of online sales will be thankful for the revenue before considering their hosting solution and its resilience or otherwise.

When we get beyond these dark days, hopefully soon, working life will still be there. It could be quite different and business will be considering how they move forward and what they need from their technology insuring that they are better prepared for all eventualities.

Published: 3 April 2020

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