Email marketing

One marketer's eCRM is another's e-blast; or put simply, email marketing. Email marketing is an extremely cost effective, flexible and measurable media for direct campaigns, both B2B and B2C.

The best results are achieved using an organically grown database. However there are a good number of data houses ready and willing to sell you opt-in targeted lists. Achieving the desired results requires effort over time to keep content current and shared, and email sign-up valued and secure.

Visitors to your site may only be browsing; they may not want to buy right now, but they may in future when you put the right offer in front of them. Give visitors the opportunity to register for news and offers with their contact name and email address, and over time build strong one-to-one relationships and a valuable contacts database. Registration to organically grown databases can be accelerated when registration is incentivised.

A platform agnostic approach

We work with familiar email marketing platforms and even boast our own, MailManager, hosted on our own server infrastructure. Email registrations can be directed automatically from your website into the MailManager database ready for broadcast.

Campaigns are managed through the client admin area. Within this area clients can manage their databases, populate content-managed email templates and view current and archived campaign results. Broadcasts range from one email to a million emails.

Broadcasts can be self-managed by the client or managed by Headland digital marketing specialists to ensure optimum results.

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