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Achieving the highest levels of accessibility

I'm sure we can all agree that all minorities should have an equal share of voice and those with a disability that has a negative impact when accessing important information online should not be information poorer through no fault of their own.

At Headland can support you in achieving compliance with the Web Accessibility Directive

Accessibility isn’t just for screen readers, Google asks for sites to be built with the user in mind. Good code quality improves site speed and consistent use of best practise UX for all users.

Our Process

Where functional or content requirements potentially cause an impact to accessibility we will advise. Applying both industry standard tools and our teams deep technical understanding we will benchmark your site.

Our technical team will present a report and plan that when actioned will make your site accessible to the highest available standard.

Google stipulates that sites should be made with the user in mind and not for SEO purposes to eliminate any future issues with blacklisting. We discuss the additional benefits of accessibility with our clients at the earliest sages of the process.

Two clients we have supported through the accessibility process

If you think we can help we'd love to hear from you, drop us an email or give us a call on 01132 721 555