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Technical Consultancy

Bringing our insight and experience to projects and challenges through our technical consultancy

In sharing our expertise and collaborating with you to enhance your effectiveness online we don't have to put a line of code in place. Our clients benefit from our consultancy drawing on our insight and technical analysis that help deliver solutions to increase the effectiveness of your business.

We can add value to your in-house teams, scope new projects and bring our insight and experience to your digital challenges

We can add value to your in-house teams, scope new projects and bring our insight and experience to your digital challenges

Concept Specification
No matter how simple or complex, large or small all projects should be supported with a specification. We initiate projects with discovery workshops, resulting in a concept specification allowing our clients to progress to a collaborative design process, culminating in a successful deployment. Our discovery workshops with the key stakeholders are led by the most appropriate consultant based on your specific challenges. In preparation we research the market, benchmark your current proposition and identify opportunities for the stakeholder group to review.

Technical SEO
Technical SEO is the code and architecture happening behind the content that supports the page searchability, speed, accessibility, content sharing, security and a whole lot more. Our vastly experienced technical team will deploy leading industry tools to analyse your underlying website code and provide a detailed and prioritised actions report that when put in to practise increases the effectiveness of your inpage and outreach SEO.

Accessibility isn’t just for screen readers, Google asks for sites to be built with the user in mind. Good code quality improves site speed and consistent use of best practise UX for all users. Where functional or content requirements potentially cause an impact to accessibility we will advise. Our technical team will present a report and plan that when actioned will make your site accessible to the highest available standard. Google stipulates that sites should be made with the user in mind and not for SEO purposes to eliminate any future issues with blacklisting and this will be discussed in the workshops.

Hosting Infrastructure Design
We provide a bespoke hosting service. Our clients require a wide range of hosting specifications and as such we design .NET hosting infrastructure specifications to meet your requirements and budget. We work with both AWS and Azure. From a security perspective we have developers tasked with keeping on top of vulnerabilities and modern security techniques and believe our credentials when it comes to the integrity and privacy of your data, sites and systems speak for themselves.

“Headland's creative and the technical expertise needed to work with our data guys and make CAMEO UK a reality. It has allowed us to deliver a stunning product to our clients.”

Libby Plowman
Product Manager, Cameo

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