Alton Towers Resort

Social media campaigns and email marketing


Alton Towers set us the challange of supporting its quest to achieve one million Likes on Facebook. eCRM has also grown to be a staple of the Alton Towers mix. We were briefed to design trigger campaigns and promote seasonal events, in turn growing the client's opt-in database.

"Fantastical Escape" campaign

The public were asked to nominate their town on Facebook for a "Fantastical Escape"! If their town was selected, they could then nominate themselves and their friends for a seat on a special Alton Towers bus, along with free admission into the resort. Friends could get involved by Liking the page on Facebook and sharing the campaign on their wall. Videos were taken on the bus, posts made to the Alton Towers Facebook page and tweets turned each journey in to a social media event, increasing the buzz and in turn the number of entries for the following week's Fantastical Escape.

"All Time Greatest" campaign

The All Time Greatest was a month-long summer campaign run across all Alton Towers media channels. The campaign was fulfilled online through a Headland developed microsite and Facebook app. Users signed in with Facebook to vote for their favourite rollercoaster, with incentives for sharing with friends. Every day, for four weeks Alton Towers gave away a short break to a lucky winner, with all voters entered into a prize draw. Nemesis was eventualy voted the All Time Greatest rollercoaster, in what was a highly popular campaign.

Email marketing

eCRM is a hugely important aspect of Alton Towers Resort's marketing activity. On-park initiatives offer up great opportunities to create online events that are easily communicated through email. Visitor behaviour provides triggers for email broadcasts on a one-to-one and one-to-many basis. We worked in partnership with Alton Towers to develop its opt-in list, and today continue to provide database management and email creatives for them.

The results

We easily helped Alton Towers to achieve its one million Facebook likes goal, and their Facebook presence continues to go from strength to strength. eCRM conversion rates are high year-on-year thanks in a large way to our compaigns. The organically grown opt-in list now exceeds a quarter of a million receipients, as we continue to develop successful email campaigns for the client.

  • Facebook Likes surpass 1m
  • Successful social media campaigns with high user uptake
  • Ongoing responsive email campaigns
Alton Towers Resort and Headland have worked together for several years, during which time traffic across our websites has increased exponentially. Headland's role in this and the value of their ongoing support can't be overestimated.
Katherine Duckworth, Head of Sales and Marketing, Alton Towers Resort